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Dream Warriors

Dream Warriors is a collective of artists who believe in pursuing passions, dreams, and gifts to better loved ones and communities while also uplifting others. Founded by Tanaya Winder, Dream Warriors Management is an innovative artist management company created to bring together different talented artists, speakers, and educators who embody the values of what it means to be a Dream Warrior. Dream Warriors Management currently consists of nine indigenous artists: Mic Jordan, Tall Paul, Frank Waln, Lumhe and Samsoche Sampson (also known as The Sampson Brothers), Joey Montoya, Chris “def-i” Bidtah, Tomas Karmelo Amaya, and Tanaya Winder. Joey and Tanaya also manage the artists and do administrative work for the Dream Warriors.

Each artist travels to perform concerts, run workshops, teach empowerment and artistic skill sets, showcase his/her performance art & artistry, and speak at various engagements throughout the country. In addition to their artistic endeavors, they hustle hard to work within communities whenever they get the opportunity. Together, they developed the Dream Warriors scholarship.

This year’s Dream Warriors Scholarship was generously donated by Brandon Desjarlais.

Brandon works at Microsoft as a Developer Support Engineer. He’s a fan of writing/debugging software, listening to music and watching Carolina basketball. His views and opinions are his and not that of his employer. By day, he helps people when they have problems or questions about developing solutions with Microsoft Office applications and Microsoft Exchange Server. By night, Brandon tries to learn, write and debug code as much as possible. He occasionally broadcasts on livecoding.tv, so if you are interested or have questions, you can visit my profile here: https://www.livecoding.tv/brandond/