1. Cobell Graduate Summer Research Fellowship Program

Cobell Graduate Summer Research Fellowship Program awards support American Indian and Alaska Native graduate students with a summer research stipend of $5000 to fund graduate research projects. The award is designed to support the student’s master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation research. Students must partner with a faculty adviser to endorse the proposal and supervise the work. Priority is given to doctoral-level applicants and applicants with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale.

Prior to completing an application for funding, applicants are asked to research Elouise Cobell and The Cobell Settlement. This research will provide you an understanding of why the Cobell Scholarship Program exists and may be informative in responding to some of the prompts in the application itself. To jump-start your research, this document is provided – - Elouise and The Cobell Settlement

The deadline for the student portion of the application is January 10, 2020, without exception.
The FINAL deadline for a reference/letter of support to be submitted is January 17, 2020, without exception.

Supplemental Questions
  1. GRADUATES: Please select the degree program level in which you will be enrolled for the term(s) which you are requesting funding.
  2. Please select the specific major area in which you are enrolled and with which you plan to graduate. This is a lengthy list so please take care to locate the most specific major possible as you will be assessed based on the congruence with all other responses.
  3. Please describe the research project for which you are requesting funding support in 500-750 words (2-3 pages). Upload the document here.
  4. Please read about Elouise Cobell and her legacy on the CobellScholar.org website or by accessing the link in the help text or in the Graduate Summer Fellowship Opportunity description. After reading about and reflecting on Elouise Cobell’s deep self-awareness, her determination for justice, her focus on achieving goals, and her resilience that ultimately resulted in many successes, in the space below please write a 150 word essay summarizing how you plan to utilize your areas of strength in your chosen academic field of study to positively influence those in your community.
  5. Cobell Graduate Student Summer Fellowship Program Documents
    • Please upload a budget and timeline for this research project. This is not a qualifier, but may assist the selection committee in better understanding your research proposal.
    • Please upload a current CV (or Academic Resume)
    • Please upload a PDF copy of an OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT - Note that IEI does not otherwise require official transcripts for any of its programs; however, to be eligible for a Cobell Graduate Student Summer Fellowship Program award you may not have any incomplete coursework that is part of your Graduate Degree Plan.
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