AISES: Leidos Virtual Internship

The COVID-19 epidemic has greatly affected Indigenous communities as the positive cases and deaths are among the highest in the nation among all ethnic populations. Leidos is seeking to assemble a multidisciplinary team of Indigenous computer science, biology, and public health students to work with their Leidos and partners on the development of a privacy preserving national contact tracing application to help contain COVID-19 while reducing the need for mass disruption of daily activities. Leidos in collaboration with public health officials is creating a unified contact tracing application framework, MicrobeTrace Next, which via blockchain maintains the sovereignty of the jurisdictions that use the application for contact tracing and health interventions. MicrobeTrace Next removes the need for paper forms via an on/off-line secure, mobile interface, providing it free to jurisdictions to support reducing the transmission of COVID-19.

The internship will lasts 6 weeks, focused on app development using C# and Angular for web development and Python/R for developing analytics. It will start in early July and end in mid-August. Participants will work with their supervisors in defining project objectives, scopes, success criteria, methodologies, and technologies. To provide integrated public health context for the development team, Leidos is also seeking student(s) enrolled in a Masters of Public Health or similar health program. This team will be mentored by experts in the technical fields as well as health and health analytics to create a prototype application that will assist in reducing the burden of COVID-19 in Indigenous communities.

The internship will be fully virtual (work from home) for 6-weeks with interns receiving $500 per week. The internship will begin July 13th and end August 21st.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Enter your AISES YM (Your Membership) ID. All applicants must be a current AISES members at the time of application deadline. To become a member, view Help Text for more information.
  2. Citizenship Status
  3. Please upload an updated copy of your most recent unofficial transcript that shows most recent grades and cumulative GPA. Please make sure all final grades from the previous term are listed in unofficial transcript. IMPORTANT - - Documents must be uploaded as a PDF, not a JPEG or photograph. Please save file with a name such as johndoetranscript.pdf - any other special characters may cause uploading difficulties. Your name and institution must be clearly visible and must contain grades as well as your overall cumulative GPA. If you have multiple pages or documents, scan them as one PDF document, then upload the single document. Do not send documents in the mail or via email. If you have questions or difficulties contact AISES.
  4. Upload enrollment documents and/or a copy of birth certificate(s) showing descendancy from an enrolled American Indian or Alaska Native, member of an Indigenous group of Canada, a Native Hawaiian, or a Pacific Islander are acceptable. Applicants may also, instead, provide a copy of their Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood or Certificate of Degree of Alaska Native Blood (CDIB) card
  5. Essay
    • Essay Prompt 1 (up to 300 words): Please explain your interest and motivation for applying for this internship.
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